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A college girl

Dear self, and fellow Tumblr bloggers.

I live in Squamish BC and anyone who watches the news will know that right now in BC no one is going to school because of a strike that’s happening. BOO! Anyways so I registered to be a college student taking Phych. and English but missed the deadline, my dad convinced them that I was worthy and now I am a  COLLEGE STUDENT! I feel like Hazel Grace going to school, but I will also be  going to highschool and I have a job. Talk about busy! Well I have half an hour to think about this and rewrite a planner, also HAPPY GRADE 12 TO MYSELF!!!! I must be so smart. 

All that you are is all I`ll ever need, so in love, so in love, you look so beautiful in this light. Its the Tenerife Sea
Ed Sheeran made me blush, cry, laugh, smile and most of all listen to his words that have helped me with my on going battle with depression, and I have never been more inspired by a person before, until now. My love for you ginger man is ever growing.

My bestfriend

So my best friends name is Sam and recently he performed at his school with his band and we live in two different parts of the world, canada and Australia but when I got the photos i started crying because it was so personal and he shared it with me! Plus i think he looks like Rich from skins and we love that show so it’s a plus! I may not be his grace but I’m his liv and I love him forever! You hear that I fucking love you! That boy makes me so happy!

I promise, from right now until the day I die that I will never forget how truly inspiring Robin Williams was to, depression took a hero away and it’s so frustrating because if Robin had seen the post people were making to show how much they loved him, maybe he would have smiled a little longer and tried a little harder. He could have still been here, but he’s gone and I’m broken.
So sad
Robin Williams 8.11.14


I believe in change; I didn’t like to admit the good parts of change when I was younger but I like to now; change for me is getting your heart broken and not doing anything about it because you still feel like it was your fault, and then realizing it wasn’t and falling for some one that was falling for you at the same time. Change is second chances and different roads to explore. Change is the one thing, reason I grew up enough to start caring about myself again. Change is like the ocean, it’s wavy and stupid and sucks some times but other times it’s wonderful and beautiful and perfect.

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