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The rain in squamish makes me feel warmer then the hottest sunshine ever could, and I find that weird but also wonderful; I live at the top so I see how the rain hits everything and the house isn’t protected by trees and forest so the rain pelts everything; and it’s magical! I work today and I’m excited because it’s the Saturday before thanksgiving, and everyone I love is healthy again and the warm is gone but it will be back; winter is coming and I can’t wait! It’s the first time I’ve been excited for winter and I find that so weird! I’m moving to the uk in eight months, it’s rainy there a lot, I think I will stay their for a while, it’s not the sky crying it’s the only way the clouds can hug the grass, and then the sun comes and it hides away it’s tears, but then it comes again and they’re together and they’re in love.

So my big sister got a ticket tonight after picking me up from work, and I have to say she did amazing! She didn’t cry and the officer was so nice to her, in a weird way I guess, but the weirdest part was I guessed the correct amount for her ticket and I failed my written twice, is it a sign god? Ps thanks for it only being a ticket, I would of hated for it to have been a crash or something! Love you C! You bad ass N less ticket grabbing speed women! We both know we get it from mum, me next?
Squamish by Timmies! We are the pulled over car with the Flashing lights behind us! 100km in a 70km means :0


Finally going to be a grad 12 student on Monday! If you’re from BC I feel you all right now! It’s been an amazing summer but it’s time to bring on toasty fires, home work and seeing all my two friends!

A college girl

Dear self, and fellow Tumblr bloggers.

I live in Squamish BC and anyone who watches the news will know that right now in BC no one is going to school because of a strike that’s happening. BOO! Anyways so I registered to be a college student taking Phych. and English but missed the deadline, my dad convinced them that I was worthy and now I am a  COLLEGE STUDENT! I feel like Hazel Grace going to school, but I will also be  going to highschool and I have a job. Talk about busy! Well I have half an hour to think about this and rewrite a planner, also HAPPY GRADE 12 TO MYSELF!!!! I must be so smart. 

All that you are is all I`ll ever need, so in love, so in love, you look so beautiful in this light. Its the Tenerife Sea
Ed Sheeran made me blush, cry, laugh, smile and most of all listen to his words that have helped me with my on going battle with depression, and I have never been more inspired by a person before, until now. My love for you ginger man is ever growing.
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